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Crochet A Jungle WORKSHOPS, every Sat in November.

 Lissy Cole and Rudi Robinson presents ‘Sweet Jungle of Mine’– Exhibition
Tuesday 5 - 30 November 2019

Ōtāhuhu based artists Lissy Cole and Rudi Robinson will have their inaugural joint exhibition at Vunilagi Vou titled – Sweet Jungle of Mine which speaks to the journey into our internal worlds. Wild and untamed, the jungle can be a place of wonder, terror, danger and treasure. They seek to uncover and explore this world through the use of vibrant crochet elements and sari fabrics.

For Lissy, in amongst the chaos and danger of the jungle, there has always been hope, life, beauty and a discovery of so much more than could ever be imagined. This exhibition aims to take the viewer on a journey into the depths of relationships, life and the subconscious. Crochet symbolising the complex relationship we have with ourselves, those around us and the stories we tell ourselves about our existence in this world. The colourful re-imagining of the jungle acts as a portal for others to enter and imagine their own narratives.

Crochet A Jungle WORKSHOPS– facilitated by Lissy Cole & Rudi Robinson – join the FREE weekly crochet workshop on Saturday (11am-1pm) throughout November coinciding with the exhibition Sweet Jungle of Mine (5-30 November). The workshops are two hours long and welcome anyone interested in learning and practicing crochet skills; each week will be dedicated to a different feature of the artists’ jungle-themed exhibition, and all materials are provided. See poster below and join the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2416242928663636/

Vunilagi Vou
256 Great St Rd, Otahuhu
Opening hours: Wednesday & Thursday 10am-5pm
Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 11am-4pm
Follow on Facebook & www.vunilagivou.com

To follow Lissy and Rudi and keep updated on their installations, you can follow them here;

About – Lissy Cole, Ngati Hine, Ngati Kahu
“For me, crochet offers a portal into a bold, fantastical, colourful and joyful world. It leads me to new and exciting adventures in texture and design. In short, creating large scale crochet installations makes my heart burst with joy! Crochet has given me a voice and a visual language with which I am able to share the longings of my heart and soul and connects me to my past, present and future.” - Lissy.

Rudi Robinson, Ngaruahine, Waikato/Ngati Paoa
“Working predominantly with metals for the past 15 years, I have found that working with textiles and crochet has enabled my art practice to grow and change. Exploring new mediums has sparked new ideas and the symbolism of crochet which is a form of weaving, allows me to find ways of connecting both my passion of empowering others while creating art which inspires and allows people to see the world differently.” - Rudi

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Renee Tanner