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Māngere - Ōtāhuhu Arts is an initiative from the Māngere Ōtāhuhu Local Board to support and enable community-led arts activities throughout the Māngere - Ōtāhuhu area.  It involves having an Art Broker, whose role is to to identify and curate, programme and enable community arts activities.  The Art Broker works with local artists and creative organistations, to offer support in the development and delivery of their creative ideas and projects.

What kind of support?

The Art Broker is interested in what creative projects you’re involved in the Māngere Ōtāhuhu area, be it dance, film, craft, visual arts, music, kapa-haka, spoken word, digital arts, a publication, a performance or an exhibition. It could be that you are creating an opportunity for learning and participation like a workshop or a work co-created with the Māngere Ōtāhuhu community - anything that has a creative angle to it - and could happen anywhere from the street to theatres, shopping centres or marae. You could be an individual, a group or an organisation. You could be a professional, an emerging creative or anyone in between. The Art Broker is open to all creative projects, even if they are just an “idea”. The main criteria for receiving Art Broker support is that your creative project is one which will:

  • meaningfully involve your community

  • be led by local people

  • have a strong creative idea behind it


How does it work?

The Art Broker works with you to support you in developing and delivering your creative project or idea, whether this be assisting with funding, marketing, or helping to find the right location or people for you to work with. It all starts from a conversation about what it is you want to do - and from there we work out what advice or support you need. The Art Broker uses their own knowledge and experience to provide you with advice, assistance and support.
The current Art Broker is Renée Tanner. Read the “intro to Renée” below to learn what experience she has to share. 

Getting in touch

You can get in touch with Renée by email renee@mangereotahuhuarts.org.nz phone 0211496707, or on Facebook. When you get in touch, make sure you let her know:

  • Your idea and any useful links or images

  • Some information about you or your organisation

  • Who you would be working with in the community

  • Your contact details

  • Where you live or how you are connected to the Māngere Ōtāhuhu area

  • What support you need for your project ( venue, participants, marketing etc)

  • If you are looking for funding support, please provide details around how much funding you need and what specifically you would use this for.


call for proposals

Each year around June/July we put a “call for proposals”out, for those seeking funding support via our annual contestable funding round.

Our most recent round closed in August 2019. If you missed this round, please do still get touch because the Art Broker can also support you in seeking funding from other sources, whether this be grants, crowdfunding or sponsorship opportunities.
Do keep an eye on our NOTICEBOARD and sign-up to our newsletter to learn of further funding opportunities.

View the recent round notices here, so you know what its all about:


Meet Us



Renée Tanner

With over 20 years of experience in the creative sector Renée enjoys assisting artists and creative organisations to grow and succeed, and to ensure they remain inspirational and sustainable.

She has worked as a curator, public programmes coordinator, marketing manager, arts advisor, sponsorship manager, as well as developing and launching a crowdfunding website for arts projects; ‘Boosted by the Arts Foundation’, and most recently The Auckland Art Gallery Foundation membership programme.

Across many genres, including the visual arts, theatre, dance, music, festivals and events, Renée has assisted with sourcing funding and sponsorship, PR and marketing, idea development and mentoring.

“The Māngere-Ōtāhuhu area is rich with talent and many great existing projects. I see the broker role as one of motivator, coordinator and go-between within the community, and I’m always looking forward to meeting artists and community members and helping to build an exciting range of local projects”.