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Getting in touch

You can get in touch with Arts Broker Renée Tanner by email renee@mangereotahuhuarts.org.nz phone 021 1496707, or on Facebook.

When you get in touch, make sure you let her know:

  • Your idea and any useful links or images

  • Some information about you or your organisation

  • Who you would be working with in the community

  • Your contact details

  • Where you live or how you are connected to the Māngere Ōtāhuhu area

  • What support you need for your project ( venue, participants, marketing etc)

  • If you are looking for funding support, please provide details around how much funding you need and what specifically you would use this for.

    The most recent CALL FOR PROPOSALS closed on Friday 17th August.
    If you missed this deadline, please do still get touch because the Art Broker can also support you in seeking funding from other sources, whether this be grants, crowdfunding or sponsorship opportunities. Do keep an eye on our NOTICEBOARD and sign-up to our newsletter to learn of further funding opportunities.

Sign-up to the newsletter

The Māngere Ōtāhuhu Arts newsletter comes into your email inbox on the 1st of every month. It keeps you in the loop, with news from our local creative projects, events and opportunities. It also serves as a noticeboard for local artists and organisations. 


The Noticeboard 

The Māngere Ōtāhuhu Arts Noticeboard is a place for creative artists, groups and organisations in the local area to share, seek, promote, and post a "call-out" to the local community. 

If you have a notice you'd like distributed in the monthly newsletter, as well as here on the website NOTICEBOARD please email renee@mangereotahuhuarts.org.nz with your notice: title, jpeg image and text. Or head over to the NOTICEBOARD page to learn how you can submit your notice online.