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Matala-ANZAC Fonuapuli-Missing Grave / ANZAC DAY SERVICE

Matala-ANZAC Day Civic Service.

Walter Massey Park, 372 Massey Road, Mangere, Auckland
Wednesday 25 April 2018 10:00am – 11:00am
12:00 pm - Community Programme
*Light refreshments provided.

Matala-ANZAC will be hosting an Anzac Day event with the support of the Auckland Council and the NZ Defence Force: Fonuapuli-Missing Grave Commemoration Service.

Matala-Anzac will be a significant event as this will be the first-ever Anzac Day “Civic Service” in New Zealand led by members of the Tongan Community. The aim is to raise the awareness of Anzac Day within the Pasifika communities in South Auckland through Tongan arts and culture. This project was initiated to honour the Tongan soldiers who fought in World War 1, many of whom never returned home to Tonga.

In the Tongan language, Matala means “The Blossoming of a Flower”, which is a metaphor for the blossoming of the mind. The impetus behind Matala is to pass down the knowledge of Tongan arts and culture from the old generation to our young Tongan New Zealanders. It is a platform in which to create, develop and produce new work for the Tongan community and the wider communities of Aotearoa.

Matala-Anzac programme of events will feature: 
- Anzac Day Memorial Service
- The Story of World War 1
- Military Guest Speakers
- Tongan Poetry Piece by Jason Taufa
- Tongan Acoustic Music by Kalapu Manamo’ui
- Tau’olunga by Lilipeti Manu
- Brass Band by Central Auckland Brass
- Display of March & Drill by ATC Military Prep School

If you have any queries in regards to this event please contact Meleane on 021-312-858 or email - matalanewzealand@gmail.com

Part of WW100: Remembering WW1 - 100 Years On

Renee Tanner